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Next message Chris posted on Sunday, 03 July, 2005 - 10:14 pm
Watching one or two of the (let's face it, 'variable') performances at yesterday's LIVE 8 concert, I started to think that it was a shame that a reunited sky weren't on the bill. I think they would have gone down a storm, with a short set that could have consisted of Toccata, Sahara and, if there was time, Vivaldi. Given their very public support for the human rights charity Amnesty International, back in the 80s, I wonder if they would have thought LIVE 8 a worthy event to support?

Anyway, this got me thinking about my favourite sky tune played live. And I thought it might be interesting to start a new thread on this theme.

The tune can be either one that is commercially available (or will be soon!); or maybe one that you saw them play live and have never forgotten. It doesn't have to be your favourite sky track per se, just the one that you feel they made a particularly good job of live. And, of course, it can come from any line-up or era of the band.

My nomination is Vivaldi - as performed and immortalised on the BBC programmes recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1980. The BBC must agree, as they included it twice!! (In both parts!!) I love the raw energy, Kevin Peek's power-chords and the extended electric middle-eight from Mr Williams. The ending is pure stadium rock - with the band bringing the whole thing to a crashing finale! Would anyone else agree?
Next message Mike posted on Sunday, 03 July, 2005 - 10:35 pm
Well Chris good choice the Curved Air Barnstormer which francis brought with him to Sky.

I'd consider Toccata

Did think of the Animals but when they played it live (other than 5 Live) they only played an excerpt.

Hotta is another obvious but I'll need to think some more before making any other selections.

Good thread Chris.

I enjoyed Live 8 too but missed Pink Floyd - was looking forward to hearing them.

Next message Richard posted on Monday, 04 July, 2005 - 12:21 am
Hmmm... I'd have to think about it some more, but for the time being, here's an observation not necessarily of my favourite live track, but of the track that made the hugest impression on me.

Before I continue, I should stress that I have very little "musical memory", i.e. the way some people (the extreme example of whom was a certain Mr Mozart) can hear a tune once or twice and remember bits of it (if not the whole thing), well in my case, I usually need to hear a piece at least half a dozen times even to imagine (forget reproduce!) how the tune went (this is usually true of even the most simple pieces).

Out of all of Sky's oeuvre, there is one excepetion, and that's Jehad from the Palladium/Bedrock gig. That piece immediately ingrained itself in my head and I could remember most of the smallest details after hearing it just once.

When the DVD came out 10 years later (Mike got his hands on an advance copy and visited me right here with it, even before it came out), the first thing I had to do was to put on that track and check if it matched my memory of it. It did. It just blew me away.

(I don't know if you remember the scene, Mike.)

(I had a vaguely similar experience with The Animals, but that deserves its own post, and not right now)
Next message Mike posted on Monday, 04 July, 2005 - 12:47 am
I certainly do

We had had a discussion about a piece you never forgot but needed prompting on the name.

And the DVD certainly did that

Talking of DVDs what do you think of Mykes DVD of WA

I love it
Next message Chris posted on Monday, 04 July, 2005 - 09:21 am
Having dug out a couple of CD-Rs, I now find that the version of Vivaldi with JW's extended electric guitar solo was, in fact, the version from the Dominion Theatre, 1980. Funny how the mind plays tricks! And, yes, this is another 'barnstorming' version!

A few more live versions to consider:

I've always liked the live version of Danza, to my ears, Kevin's guitar solo sounds slightly nicer than the version they recorded. This is featuted on both the Hammersmith Odeon and Dominion recordings.

I also liked the way they played Westway and Cannonball; Francis often adding extra keyboard runs that were omitted from the studio versions.

Other favourites are Dies Irae (1980) and Hotta (1979 and 80), wherein we find extended solos and, in the case of Dies Irae, a more elaborate guitar solo from Kevin towards the end.

All in all, a cornucopia of live treats. Must also mention the live version of Sister Rose, from the 1982 Night Music programme - as I still think that this is better than the studio version from sky3.

Glad this thread has elicited a couple of interesting responses. I look forward to reading some more...
Next message Lance  posted on Monday, 04 July, 2005 - 05:39 pm
I remember attending a gig at Manchester Apollo where the guys got lost doing Troika, and at the end, Steve Gray said, well parts of that was Troika. Was very funny.
Apart from that, Hotta for all the solos I suppose but I enjoyed Scipio which was done fully too.
Was a long time ago though...
Next message Chris posted on Monday, 04 July, 2005 - 07:09 pm
Nice one.

I'll tell you an amusing little live anecdote.

Myself and the rest of the family (mum, dad, brother, sister) went to see sky in concert in Leeds in 1981.

Anyway, my brother Phil and myself were sitting next to each other enjoying the show. During one of the tunes (sorry, can't remember which one!), Tristan broke one of his sticks. The tip of it broke off and flew up into the air! As quick as a flash, and with no noticeable break in the beat, he twirled the stick round in his hand and carried on, hitting with the 'grip' end. Almost telepathically, and at exactly the same moment, my brother and myself looked round at each other as if to say "good recovery!"

What were the chances of us both having been looking at Tristan at the exact moment that this 'accident' happened? Bear in mind that it wasn't that obvious and the whole thing was over in a second.

And that's it. My one sky live anecdote. Anyone got any more...?
Next message Myke.  posted on Tuesday, 05 July, 2005 - 09:58 am
Meheeco for me, ever since I saw it performed live at the Hammersmith odeon, and later the version with Paul Hart from 1991's Bedrock gig was even better.

Mike, I watched and recorded Pink Floyd (along with a couple other acts, Annie Lennox, U2, Robbie Williams, & Madonna [sorry about that one!]) on disk from live8. If you want a copy let me know.
Next message Lance  posted on Wednesday, 06 July, 2005 - 11:06 am
My other anecdote i mentioned on the other forum. Rather sadly, my mum knitted me a Herbie jumper, you know the blue one with orange hoops on it. I was quite near the front and Herbie appeared to notice it with a smile. That's it really!

I'll get my coat...
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