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Next message Mike posted on Thursday, 13 October, 2005 - 06:35 am
BBC 4 show.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra 1972 and the show is on October 14th 10:00 pm on BBC4.

Can anyone record it
Next message Tricky posted on Thursday, 13 October, 2005 - 01:08 pm
BBC Four: Question: "I gather BBC Four screened the old Mahavishnu Live programme from the early 1970s. I was away when this was broadcast. Is there a chance this will be shown again in the near future?" (Richard Gardner, Burnham, Somerset). Reply: "Due to popular demand we are going to repeat the show on Friday 14 October at 10pm; but don't miss it, as we are unlikely to show it again in the near future"

I'll try. (2 digi recorders hooked to Freeview - possibly 3) Any idea how long it lasts ?
Next message Myke  posted on Thursday, 13 October, 2005 - 08:56 pm
I could do this, curious though;- Can anyone tell me what's special about the show?
Next message Chris posted on Thursday, 13 October, 2005 - 10:33 pm
I'm only guessing, as my knowledge in this area is limited to say the least, but is JW guesting with them as a soloist?
Next message Mike posted on Friday, 14 October, 2005 - 03:29 am
The internet shows it lasts for 30 mins 10:00 - 10:30

Its an original line up
Don't know who

But a Sky fan in US asked if I was able to copy / record show

Next message Myke  posted on Friday, 14 October, 2005 - 09:59 am
Consider it done. Might the name suggest an eastern influence in the music? Much the same as Led Zeppelin had with Morroccan/Egyptian orchestral accompaniment, or George Harris/Beatles with Ravi Shanker?
Next message Bill D posted on Friday, 14 October, 2005 - 10:20 am
Don't think there is a JW connection. I assume Mike is interested in John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra (a western jazz band) for its own sake.

The band included Jan Hammer, whom I assume to be the same guy who wrote the 'Miami Vice' theme.
Next message Myke  posted on Friday, 14 October, 2005 - 10:29 am
For info from BBC4's website listing, here's their description. Doesn't mention names, but a style/theme similar to SKY plus an LP and track names.

Mahavishnu Orchestra

From 1972, the original line-up of the jazz rock fusion band, Mahavishnu Orchestra plays music from their first LP, The Inner Mounting Flame. Tracks include Lotus on Irish Streams and The Noonward Race.
Next message Tricky  posted on Friday, 14 October, 2005 - 11:28 am
There's more info HERE. Clicking on the pic brings up a bigger pic, and under this is a caption mentioning the BBC connection. I don't recall this band. (the ravages of age.....).

There's also a discography on the main page. I'll record it anyway (useful backup).
Next message Chris posted on Saturday, 15 October, 2005 - 12:24 am
Caught the last ten minutes at a friend's house (I don't have access to BBC4 at home). Found myself quite getting into it - although how much this had to do with the fact that I was pretty drunk at the time, I'm not sure. (Several bottles of Blue WKD in case anyone's interested.)

Quite an interesting blend of jazz/funk/rock. Incredible drumming from Billy Cobham (and how often do you see a transparent perspex drumkit nowadays?). I noticed he was playing open-handed. The other thing that intrigued me was Jan Hammer's electric piano seemed to have no top to it - which meant all the strings were visible. Again, not something I have seen before.

Very enjoyable and very psychedelic. Very 1972!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Must try to watch it sober next time...


Is that how you spell sober????
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