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Next message YANNI  posted on Thursday, 18 May, 2006 - 12:38 pm
Hello everyone, my name is Yanni, I'm a big Sky fan and have everything they every produced - go to
and check out what's coming soon - I don't know what's in it because there isn't any details. If anyone else knows what this is it would be great to know - otherwise just order it.


Next message Chris posted on Thursday, 18 May, 2006 - 01:03 pm
Thanks, Yanni.

I suspect that this is the Bremen gig that is mentioned extensively on this website. Having said that, the packaging looks so much better than the QL packaging that it might be worth getting just for this. (A nice representation of the first album artwork from 1979.)
Next message Chris posted on Thursday, 18 May, 2006 - 01:05 pm
P.S Yanni, you don't have any contacts at the Alexander Public Library in Perth, do you? (!!!!!!!)
Next message Yanni posted on Thursday, 18 May, 2006 - 11:00 pm
Hi Chris,

Yea you could be right, I have that Bremmen DVD, I hope it's something different though, maybe some of the footage you guys are talking about from down under but I'm not holding my breath. I'm from Melbourne - so I rarely get over to Perth. I have some friends in Western Australia but I don't know how close they are to the Library. I'm a journalist with a local newspaper down here, I might be able to check things out. What is it we're looking for exactly?
Next message Chris posted on Friday, 19 May, 2006 - 10:24 am
Yanni, if you follow these links:

Then this should answer your last question!!!

All the best.
Next message Tricky posted on Thursday, 25 May, 2006 - 09:32 am
This DVD is the Bremen gig unfortunately. There's now another reference to it in Atlantic DVD's online shop.
Next message Chris posted on Thursday, 25 May, 2006 - 06:20 pm
...Just as we suspected. The cover should have been a dead giveaway. Having just taken a look at the Atlantic DVD website, at least they acknowledge that it was recorded in the spring of 1979, so maybe this is an indication that more care has been taken than with the Quantum Leap release? I notice that the Extras are still to be announced, so maybe an interview with Kevin Peek at the very least? But where's Dance of the Little Fairies in the track listing? All in all, I might go to the expense of buying it, even though my current DVD player probably won't play a region 4 disc.

Actually, I'm thinking of buying a new DVD player in the near future and obviously a multi-region machine will be an advantage. I tend to think that Panasonic are probably the best, overall, for sound and picture quality and general build quality and capability, etc... Can anyone suggest a good one for around the 100 mark?
Next message Richard posted on Friday, 26 May, 2006 - 04:54 am
Yes, it's after 4.30am, but I just got home from a trip and for some reason decided to check the forum before going to bed (but haven't gone beyond this thread - I really wanted to check for spam!). I know I'm going to be busy for the next couple of days but hope to spend some time catching up on Sunday (fingers crossed!).

In the meantime...

What a pity it seems to be the Bremen gig. I'm sure 'm not the only one who was hoping for the Hammy Odeon...

Regarding DVD players, almost all Aussie DVDs play fine in bog-standard UK R2 players (for some reason, they're usually encoded for Region 2 as well) and one of the sites linked mentioned that this is R2 (!).

As for player buyiong advice, I'm currently on my 3rd player (the other two still work fine) and it's an all-singing, all-dancing machine that'll play almost anything I can throw at it. CDs and MP3 discs are de rigeur with all players, and multi-region functionality is fairly common.

However, DVD players capable of non-DVD/VCD-standard MPG-1s aren't common, and certainly MPEG-4 files (i.e. DivX, XVid, etc) compatible players are fairly hard to find.

My one plays them all very well (although it has fairly poor reaction times to remote commands, but that's not an issue if watching something through) and cost me all of 30 or thereabouts in WH Smiths around Christmas time (admittedly it was a special offer). I certainly don't see the need for spending much more than that for a decent player. Mine is a Yamada, which has the added benefit of having a fairly vibrant online user community which produces new firmware, etc. to support updated formats.

Incidentally, I think I mentioned once before that I want to buy a DVD Recorder, but have decided to put it off until I can find a machine that does ALL of the following:

1) Multi-region playback
2) Digital tuner (i.e. freeview)
3) MPEG-4 playback (probably not recording)
4) Hard drive: at least 80 Gigs.

I've found recorders which do various combinations of 3 of the 4, but not all of them...

Enough babbling. I'm off to bed.
Next message Chris posted on Friday, 26 May, 2006 - 08:42 am
Thanks for that, Richard.

I used to have a Yamada but, for some reason, it began to play up and I took it back. Can't remember exactly what was wrong with it now, I think it just stopped playing discs full-stop!! I now have two machines, both of which came to me via a friend - one for a tenner and one for free! 1) a Samsung DVD-511 - excellent sound and picture, etc, but won't play home recorded discs. 2) Sony DVP-NS30 - great picture, will play home recorded discs but has sound problems (ie, it often sounds muffled or it drops out). So I have two machines, between them they do what I want them to do, but neither is really up to scratch on their own. So a fair bit of scart lead changing is necessary!!!

If the Aussie sky DVD will play on R2 machines, I will almost certainly invest in a copy. At around $13.00, I think I can afford it!

Now, if it'll stop raining, I have a train to catch. Do I walk to the station or get a taxi? That is the question...
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