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This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list of links, and I don't claim to have seen all that the World Wide Web has to offer in terms of guitar or John Williams-related sites. These are really a few sites that have been a source of information or inspiration to me in creating this site (Most of them are mentioned somewhere or another on other pages on this site).

Of course, should you want to link to this site, you're more than welcome, although I would ask that links point to the front page. And as it regrettably needs to be said, please note that I have put a great deal of time and effort into creating this site: I expect acknowledgement for re-publication of the information here (I always give permission), and do not take kindly to people linking directly to images or other files held on this server.

The links below are in several self-explanatory sections; I particularly recommend the interviews and welcome being informed of any I may have missed.

Obligatory legal notice: I am not responsible for information on other sites (duh!) and whilst all of the following links should be child-friendly, I can't guarantee it. All links will open in a new browser window.

About John Williams

Sony Classical John Williams site - good for latest news, although they have a tendency to get confused with the other John Williams, who is also on their roster of recording artists
Askonas Holt, John Williams' agents (including e-mail link to their team)

Significant John Williams interviews (some sites may require free registration)

Sony Classical site about the The Magic Box
Sony Classical site about the The Guitarist
BBC Norfolk, May 2004 (about El Diablo Suelto)
Guitar Player, January 2004
Mercury News, San Francisco, October 2002 (about The Magic Box Tour)
Radio WHYY, Philadelphia (REAL AUDIO), October 2002 (about The Magic Box Tour)
Irvine News, California, October 2002
Acoustic Guitar, January 1999 (by Mark Small, hosted on the Small-Torres Duo site)
Guitar Alive! radio show transcript, July 1998 (about The Guitarist)
Music Teacher Magazine, Australia, 1990 (?)

People or organisations with connections to John Williams

Kate Williams site
Richard Harvey site
John Etheridge personal site
Rimshot Music: Nigel Westlake's publishing company
Leo Brouwer detailed page
Mikis Theodorakis - maginificent incredibly complete site
Stephen Dodgson page
Francis Monkman Sessions
Darwin Guitar Festival
Dundee Guitar Festival
English Chamber Orchestra
Australian Chamber Orchestra
And a few of the organisations John Williams is known to support personally or by playing at benefit gigs:
Looe Monkey Sanctuary (established by Len, John's father)
The Samaritans
Amnesty International
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
If you have found this web site useful, I would encourage you to make a donation to one of the above.

A few of the other Classical Guitarists I admire (non-exhaustive list; bear in mind that I live in the UK...)

Manuel Barrueco
Carlos Bonell (including London Guitar Festival)
Richard Durrant personal site
Gerald Garcia personal site
Antigoni Goni
Timothy Kain (academic site)
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Stepan Rak
Xuefei Yang
(I wish I could include sites about Julian Bream and a few others, but there aren't any, beyond the odd page here and there... )

A few other sites Guitar fans might find interesting (I do)

John Dimmick's Classical Guitar Site, home of CG on the net
Guitarra Magazine
Guitar Forum Magazine
Tony Morris's Guitar Alive! syndicated radio show
Spanish Guitar Centre, London
Agustín Barrios Mangoré: An appreciation
Bach Plucked!

If any of the above links don't work, or if you're involved with running one of them and want to inform me of any changes, please let me know as I'm not a mind-reader and it's unlikely that I'll be keeping too close an eye on this page.

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