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A few of the sites I am or have been involved in running, or have designed for other people, in no particular order. (Some of these sites might not look the way I designed them if the owners wish to change anything, and some of them don't exist any more!)


Sky, a sub-site right here. Written and maintained by yours truly.

John Williams

John Williams, a sub-site right here (currently undergoing re-writing). A labour of love which has made me lots of new friends.

Star Trek in Sound and Vision

Star Trek in Sound and Vision, the largest fan-run Star Trek site online, and certainly one of the top five by number of visitors.

Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications

Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications, fighting for better access to telephone lines in the UK.

Mountain Biking España

Mountain Biking España, commercial holiday site.

total film Actor

The Total Film Actor, commercial site for budding film actors.

Positive Internet

The Positive Internet Company, web hosting company (I can't take credit for the site - it's all down to Martin Eager, but I help out with bits and pieces).

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