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    Playing with my Computer: (yes, of course it's sad...)
  • Panrix AMD Athlon, 64MB Ram, known as 'Alex' (yep, sad again)
  • Hard drive space: 6 + 3 Gig
  • Modem: US Robotics 56K, but hopefully ADSL soon!
  • Operating System: Windows 98 but I'll probably be migrating to some flavour of Linux as soon as I learn some more about it and it has a smoother learning curve.
  • Games: I'm not really into shoot-em-ups. I either play computer versions of cerebral games such as some versions of Solitaire or backgammon. For something a bit more active, I go for pinball simulations. I must have tried just about every pinball sim on the market, and my favourite is Psycho Pinball.
  • First computer I ever worked on: Apple II in 1984
  • Date I first connected to the 'Information Superhighway': 16th April 1995
  • Organisation via which the above happened: Compu$erve (YUK!)
  • My current Internet Provider: BT Internet

Online activities:

    Newsgroups I read and deliberately post to, more or less frequently:
  •, which has a kind of FAQ
  • soc.culture.polish, all about all things Polish
  •, where CG fans (and players, though I'm not one) wibble on forever...
  • - don't just watch it!
  • alt.startrek, which is invariably chaotic, but some strange ideas come out occasionally)
  • alt.binaries.startrek, where lots of people with lots of people time on their hands (and fast net connections) go crazy
  • uk.telecom, whose title is pretty obvious
    Newsgroups I read/lurk in:
  • I'm not telling (someday I might....)

Watching Television:

    Shows I watch:
  • Movies
  • Almost any science fiction, but especially: Star Trek
  • Legal dramas
  • Natural history series
  • Off the wall comedies: The League of Gentlemen, etc
    Shows I don't watch:
  • soap operas
  • sitcoms
  • mini-series based on 3inch thick novels

Listening to Music:

    Tastes: eclectic (sorry: WEIRD)
  • Favourite instrument: guitar (in all forms, but I don't play any of them)
  • Jazz: Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Django Reinhardt
  • Classical:
    • Favourite Composers: Albeniz, Boccerini, Gershwin, Kilar, Mozart, Ravel, Telemann, Tchaikovsky
    • Favourite Musicians: John Williams, Jehudi Menuhin, Glenn Gould, Sir Georg Solti
  • Film Music:
    • almost anything by Jerry Goldsmith or Danny Elfman
  • Rock and Pop:
    • Favourite groups/artists: none really, I prefer to go by individual albums, but: The Rolling Stones, Meat Loaf, Dire Straits, Queen, REM, Johnny Cash, Van Morrisson
    • Favourite Groups/artists you've probably never heard of: Sky, Michel Sardou, Francis Cabrel, Daniel Balavoine, Jan Pietrzak, Jacek Kaczmarski, Czerwone Gitary
  • Music I don't listen to voluntarily
    • Anything without a recognisable tune
    • Any song where the group can't play their instruments
    • 'Songs' which depend on shouting, not singing

Keeping up with the News


  • Favourite place in the world to visit: Paris, France
  • Least Favourite place in the world to live: Paris, France
  • Countries I have visited: U.K., Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Countries I would like to visit: U.S.A., China, Australia, South Africa


  • Favourite food: anything, as long as it's made properly
  • Favourite alcocholic drink (short): Krupnik (Polish delicacy based on vodka and honey)
  • Favourite alcocholic drink (beer): Theakston's Bitter
  • Favourite soft drink: anything uncarbonated
  • Favourite hot drink: chocolate (unsweetened)
  • Favourite ice cream flavour: Rum 'n' Raisin
  • Favourite Fruit Pastilles Flavour: Black

The kind of people I like:

  • Those who don't take themselves too seriously
  • Those who are prepared to stick up for what they believe in, even if I don't agree
  • Those who are prepared to concede having lost an argument
  • Those who like me ;)

The kind of people I don't like:

  • Spammers
  • Bigots
  • Those who think political correctness is a good thing
  • Those who can't see beyond the tip of their own nose
  • Those who don't know how to use 'their', 'there' and 'they're' properly
  • Those who say 'I don't like [opera, classical music, pop music, foreign food, ...]' without ever having tried it.
  • Those who don't like me ;)

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