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This site is about an instrumental group from the 80's called Sky, not about any other group of the same name, of which there have been several.

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Most people in the Western hemisphere (and elsewhere as well!) have heard something by Sky, even if they're not aware of it.

The first two albums were huge successes, the first rapidly entering the top ten in the UK charts, while Sky 2 hit the number one spot in the UK, several European countries and Australia. Furthermore, at that time, Sky 2 was the fastest-ever double album to go platinum in the UK! The Sky track most people will have heard, Toccata, comes from that album.

How quickly we forget, though! Despite six further albums and several extremely successful tours and TV appearances, the world at large has forgotten about them. Or so I thought, when I set up this site in early 1998. It seems that I'm not the only person who remembers this seeming incongruity in the musical landscape of the early eighties. Contact with other long-time fans has encouraged me to expand this site and hopefully allow a new generation to appreciate this unique band's achievements. Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts and memories in our Facebook Group!

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