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The booklet is presented here as double pages, although each page is a separate image. The inside covers (pages 2 and 19) are blank, and therefore not represented here. Also, unlike all the other programme scans on this site, the front and back covers on this one don't look exactly the same as the actual booklets: the text and pictures take up a smaller percentage of the page area on the originals (I wanted to make them more legible).

Something interesting about this brochure is that unlike all Sky tour brochures to date (and indeed brochures for just about any band's performance), the performers only get a single summary page (page 5), while the members of the back-stage crew get a page each to say something about themselves and their picture. The band always took great effort to underline the contribution the crew made to their performances and this time, they made sure we knew who they are. Stage Crew, we salute you!

See Page 16 for Tour Schedule

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