John Williams: Changes



Cube Records Fly 5
Producer: Stanley Myers
Recorded/Released 1971
(Japanese cover)

Featured musicians:
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
(credited as Ricki Wakeman)
Tristan Fry Drums/Percussion
Alan Parker Guitars
Chris Spedding Guitars
Herbie Flowers Guitars

All compositions arranged by Stanley Myers

  • Stanley Myers: Bach Changes [04.24]
  • Mikis Theodorakis: Theme from Z [03.13]
  • Stanley Myers: Cavatina [03.34]
  • Trad: Spanish Trip (Canarios) [02.56]
  • John Lennon / Paul McCartney: Because [03.21]
  • Stanley Myers: Raga Vilasakhani Todi [03.57]

  • Joni Mitchell: Woodstock [05.17]
  • Roger Greenaway / Roger Cook: Good Morning Freedom [02.42]
  • Django Reinhardt: Nuages [02.23]
  • Stanley Myers: Sarabande [02.58]
  • Trad: New Sun Rising / House of the Rising Sun [05.27]

A track recorded at the same time which did not make it to the album, Pomegranite by Herbie Flowers, was released as a single at the same time , cat. no. BUG13. It has made it on to several compilation almbulms of this material.

See here for the multitude of compilation albums which have made use of these recordings, on both LP/cassette and CD.

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