John Williams: The Height Below


The Height Below

The Height Below

Cube Records HiFly 16
Producer: George Martin
Recorded/Released 1973

Featured Musicians:
Brian Gascoigne Percussion
Tristan Fry Percussion
Charlotte Nassim Koto
Dudley Morre Organ

  • Brian Gascoigne: Emperor Nero Suite:
    Dance of the Living [05.13]
    Lorelei Tim Walker [02.56]
    Duet for Guitar and Koto [04.40]
    Lisa Larne [02.38]
    Dance Of The Emperor's Clouds [04.18]
    Dance Of The Dead [01.08]
    A Derrin Dhu [00.48]

  • Brian Gascoigne: The Height Below [03.39]
  • George Martin: Sans Souci [03.03]
  • John Dankworth: Sambalaya [02.03]
  • John C. Williams: El Tuno [03.43]
  • Dudley Moore: Horizon [04.05]

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