Previn and Ponce


Previn and Ponce Concertos - UK

CBS 73060 (UK)
Released 1972

Previn and Ponce Concertos - US

Columbia M31963 (USA)
Released 1973

Previn and Ponce Concertos
Recorded October 1971 (Previn),
July 1972 (Ponce)

Producer: Paul Myers
Engineers: Michael Gray, Mike FitzHenry

With London Symphony Orchestra
André Previn

  • André Previn: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
    Allegretto [05.50]
    Adagio [10.02]
    Andante [08.01]

  • Manuel Maria Ponce: Concerto del Sur
    Allegretto [12:19]
    Andante [6:46]
    Allegro Moderato E Festivo [5:34]

Re-issue Notes:

The Previn is finally available on Andre Previn 80th Birthday Celebration on CD.
The Ponce is available on The Great Guitar Concertos on CD.

Note: This recording was nominated for a Grammy in 1973 in the category Best Classical Performance - Instrumental Soloist(s) with Orchestra

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