John Williams Plays Bach


Bach: Complete Lute Music

79203 / S76409 (2 LP)
Released 1975

Bach Lute Suites - CD

MK 42204 (CD)
Released 1990
(alternate cover)

Bach: Complete Lute Music

(Double LP set)
Recorded November-December 1974
and February 1975
Producer: Paul Myers
Engineer: Mike Ross-Trevor

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  • Lute Suite No. 1 in E minor BWV 996 Arr. Williams
    Prelude - Presto [02.32]
    Allemande [02.01]
    Courante [02.34]
    Sarabande [04.30]
    Bourrée [01.14]
    Gigue [02.49]
  • Prelude, Fugue & *Allegro in E Flat Major BWV 998 Arr. Segovia/ *Williams [10.26]

  • Lute Suite (Partita) No. 2 in A minor orig. C Minor BWV 997 Arr. Williams
    Prelude - Fugue [09.21]
    Sarabande [05.00]
    Gigue - Double [05.48]

  • Lute Suite No. 3 in A minor orig. G Minor BWV 995 Arr. Williams
    Prelude - Presto [05.17]
    Allemande [03.08]
    Courante [02.04]
    Sarabande [03.52]
    Gavottes 1 & 2 [04.12]
    Gigue [02.15]

  • Lute Suite No. 4 in E Major BWV 1006A Arr. Williams
    Prelude [04.27]
    Loure [03.35]
    Gavotte en Rondeau [02.50]
    Menuettes 1 & 2 [04.20]
    Bourrée 01.51]
    Gigue [02.06]
  • "Little" Prelude & Fugue BWV 999/1000 Arr. Williams
    Prelude [01.33]
    Fugue [05.02]

Re-issue Notes:

The Four Lute Suites CD (pictured above) is incomplete, including only the Lute Suites (as the title would suggest), and misses the two Prelude & Fugues. I don't own a copy of this CD, but understand that it wasn't remastered very well.
A later re-issue on two separate CDs with other works, is much better:
Lute Works Volume I (items 1,3,4,6)
Lute Works Volume II (items 2,5)

Interestingly, that CD edition does not include this recording of the Prelude, Fugue & Allegro BWV 998, preferring the older recording from More Virtuoso Music a decade earlier.

The Lute Suites were also re-issued in the summer of 2006 in Sony's Great Performances series, although the order in which the compositions are presented is different.

Other CDs also include tracks from this set:
John Williams Plays Bach (2001) includes Suite No. 1 BWV996 and Suite No. 3 BWV995.
The World of John Williams (bonus disc with John Williams Plays the Movies) includes the Prelude from Lute Suite No. 4 BWV 1006A and
The Ultimate Guitar Collection (2004) includes the Gavotte from Lute Suite No. 4 BWV 1006a.

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