John Williams: Arnold & Brouwer


Arnold and Brouwer Concertos

Arnold and Brouwer Concertos
Recorded December 1977
Released 1978

Producer: Roy Emerson
Engineer: Mike Ross-Trevor

with London Sinfonietta
cond. Elgar Howarth

  • Malcolm Arnold: Guitar Concerto Op. 67
    Alegro [06.12]
    Lento-Vivace-Lento [11.02]
    Con brio [04.00]

  • Leo Brouwer: Concerto No. 1 for Guitar and Small Orchestra
    Punteos [07.44]
    Ragas [09.12]
    Sonatas y Montunos [11.43]

Re-issue Notes:

None of these recordings have yet been made available on CD.

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