The Guitar is the Song


The Guitar is the Song: A Folksong Collection

The Guitar is the Song: A Folksong Collection

CBS/Sony 37825
Released 1983 (LP), 1993 (CD)
Recorded July 1981, May 1982
Producer: Roy Emerson
Engineer: Mike Ross-Trevor

John Williams and Friends
featuring (among others):

Chris Taylor Flutes & Recorders
Chris Laurence Double Bass
Gary Kettel Percussion
Brian Gascoigne Marimba & Celesta
Paul Hart Fiddle
James Brown Horn
Les Thatcher Mandolin

Arrangements by Brian Gascoigne

  • Trad Scottish: Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies [02.05]
  • R. Dyer-Bennet/Byron: So we'll go no more a-roving [02.39]
  • Trad. Hungarian: Hajra Kati/Csak egy kislány van a világon [03.48]
  • Trad. English: Queen of Hearts [03.52]
  • Cardillo/Cordiferro: Catari, catari [04.43]
  • Trad. Scottish/Irish: Petronella/St. Patrick's Day/Buacallan buidhe [03.18]
  • Trad. English: Scarborough Fair [03.30]

  • Trad. Venezuelan: Carnaval [02.26]
  • Trad. Venezuelan/Lauro: Seis por derecho [02.16]
  • Trad. Over the Sea to Skye [02.50]
  • Trad. Ethiopian: Mashilaé [02.18]
  • Gascoigne: Music Box Tune [01.34]
  • Trad. Italian: Tu ca'nun chiagne [02.59]
  • Trad. English/American: Waly Waly/Shenandoah [06.33]

This recording of Catari, catari also appears on The World of John Williams (1996) and The Guitarist (Expanded Edition, 2003).

Apart from his Greg Smallman, John Williams also plays his older Martin Fleeson and Ignacio Fleta guitars on this album.

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