John Williams: The Magic Box


John Williams and Friends: The Magic Box

The Magic Box
Sony 89483
Recorded September & November 2000
Released 2001
Producer: John Williams
Engineer: Geoff Foster

With: Richard Harvey Woodwind
Paul Clarvis Drums and Percussion
John Etheridge Steel-String Guitar
Chris Laurence Double Bass
and featuring
Martin Loveday and Paul Kegg Cellos (Maki)
Francis Bebey Vocals and Sanza (Engome)
African Children's Choir Vocals (Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika)

  • Francis Bebey: O Bia [07:15]
  • Timothy Walker: Township Kwela [03:09]
  • Paul-Bert 'Rossy' Rahasimanana: Maki [04:28]
  • Francis Bebey : Engome [04:26]
  • John Williams: Malinke Guitars [06:04]
  • Jean 'Bosco' Mwenda: Masanga guitar solo [03:17]
  • John Williams: Musha Musiki [04:43]
  • Paul-Bert 'Rossy' Rahasimanana: Mitopa [03:28]
  • Vasco Martins: Triangular Situations [03:59]
  • Francis Bebey: Guitar Makossa [02:38]
  • Francis Bebey: The Magic Box guitar solo [03:10]
  • Ralanto: Omby [03:24]
  • Enoch Sontonga: Nkosi Sikelel'I Afrika [03:58]
  • Kante: Djandjon [02:43]
  • Francis Bebey: Sangara [03:39]

More information, including audio clips, available from Sony Classical.
ABC (Australian TV) have also made available a video interview about this record.

Re-Issue Notes:
The Ultimate Guitar Collection (2004) includes Malinke Guitars, Triangular Situations and Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika.

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