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I am interested in details of alternative (such as country-specific) releases of recordings I have already included. If you have or know of such details, please provide as much detail as is necessary to identify which existing recording you mean.

I am NOT interested in multi-artist compilations whether built around a theme (e.g. "Music from Spain", "Bach's Greatest Hits") or record company samplers (e.g. "Sony 2004"). In particular, I don't need to be told about the miriad releases which combine Segovia selections plus John Williams playing a Bach Cello Suite.

Talking of which, if you own an LP or CD which includes the complete Bach First or Third Cello Suite and are surprised that it isn't listed on this site, please read the comments on this page (regarding John Williams' first commercial records) before submitting.

As noted on the CD Compilations page, Essential Classics releases have appeared with several different types of cover designs. I am not interested in including the alternative designs for each CD, unless the contents differ from those already listed.

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