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Recent listing-get your bids in....03-29-07  09:46 pmPa28jockey2
New Items up10-18-06  07:37 pmHottaassky1
Sky - Hammersmith Odeon ticket10-14-06  05:58 pmMyke3
The Kevin Peek Experience10-11-06  09:22 pmChris1
Loads of Cds & Vinyl09-22-06  06:56 pmHottaassky1
Moderation07-24-06  09:07 amMyke.26
Sky at Westminster Abbey recording07-21-06  11:47 amRichard7
Sky at Westminster on ebay vid + dvd05-18-06  10:16 amBertrand1
Girls v boys05-11-06  10:33 amBill D4
Old items, sales completed
05-04-06  12:32 pmChris120
Paul hart guitar concerto01-30-06  08:15 pmTim1
Steve Gray interview01-08-06  11:23 pmTim15
Kevin Peek - Guitar Junction01-04-06  09:32 pmBill D6
JW @ Qantas12-19-05  11:57 pmTim13
This is curious...12-05-05  09:18 amTricky37
Together encore11-28-05  09:48 pmTim5
The "bridge" from the bridges album ...10-28-05  12:57 amTim7
Cadmium and GBR10-25-05  10:23 pmTricky1
Seville concert VHS10-09-05  09:55 pmTricky1
Sky 1 unusual cover09-24-05  05:51 pmAnagram6
CDs - Cadmuim, 5 Live, GBR, 4, Mozart09-19-05  10:08 amChris3
Return of the Saint Theme09-12-05  11:06 pmChris1
"Bridges" CD09-10-05  04:21 pmBill D4
Cadmium + 1 + 3 - all CDs.08-06-05  10:55 pmBill D2
Sky Five Live08-05-05  12:30 pmTricky1
Westminster Abbey VHS07-18-05  12:24 amRichard1
Cadmium (English seller)07-08-05  09:52 amTricky1
Tristan autographs07-05-05  09:35 pmPeter Mugridge4
"Forcefield" by Francis Monkman07-04-05  02:00 pmMyke1
Mozart (UK Edition)06-18-05  08:06 amTricky1
Cadmium (German seller)06-17-05  05:44 pmTricky2
Sky 1 remastered (German seller)06-16-05  09:45 pmRichard Sliwa1
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Please use this thread for informing people of any relevant items up for sale on eBay. Use Start New Thread for each item.

If you're going to bid on an item, I would suggest that you let us know so that we don't end up unnecessarily bidding against each other and inflating prices.

(Of course, feel free to start discussions about individual items if the fancy takes you!)

With time, if this page gets busy, I'll start deleting old items (once they've timed out on eBay, there will be little point in having them here).