Williams & Brown: Folk-Songs



L'Oiseau-Lyre OLS 131
Released 1961 (UK)

Folk-Songs - US cover

London SOL 60034
Released 1963 (?) (US)

Folk-Songs - CD
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Belart 461 4892
Released 1998 (CD)

Recorded 1961

Wilfred Brown Tenor
John Williams Guitar

  • English: The Wealthy Farmer's Son [02.00]
  • Appalacian: The Death of Queen Jane solo voice [03.00]
  • French: Le pont de Morlaix [01.46]
  • French: Le roi a fait battre tambour [03.34]
  • English: The Gentleman Soldier solo voice [01.58]
  • Danish: The Crow [00.36]
  • Welsh: David of the White Rock [01.55]
  • English: The Cherry Tree solo voice [02.18]
  • Appalacian: Poor Old Maid [01.30]
  • German: Muss i denn...? [01.50]
  • German: Maria im Dornwald [02.13]
  • English: Bingo [01.08]

  • Appalacian: The Nightingale [02.43]
  • English: The Unquiet Grave solo voice [03.26]
  • German: Das Weinhauerlied [01.22]
  • English: The Turtle-Dove solo voice [02.15]
  • Irish: My Love's an Arbutus [02.20]
  • Dutch: The Knifegrinder [01.25]
  • French: Catherine solo voice [02.23]
  • French: Noel nouvelet [01.42]
  • English: Death and the Lady [03.45]
  • English: The Country Farmer's Son [02.13]


John Williams enjoyed a long-standing personal and professional friendship with tenor Wilfred Brown. They performed together many times until Brown's untimely death from a brain tumour in 1971. This is the first recording they made together (another was to come in 1969). This album had a short-lived CD release in 1998 on the Belart label.

My thanks to Robert Jorgensen for informing me of this album's existence back in 1998. By a strange quirk of fate, within a few days, I happened to discover on a chance visit to my then-local record shop that it was about to be released on CD! And within a week of that, a copy of the LP in mint condition turned up at Music and Video Exchange, my favourite second-hand record shop.

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