Songs for Voice and Guitar


John Williams enjoyed a long-standing personal and professional friendship with tenor Wilfred Brown. They performed together many times until Brown's untimely death two years after this recording was released. This is the second and final recording they made together (See Folk-Songs). Stephen Dodgson's setting of the John Clare poems was written for Williams and Brown at their request in 1962 and this remains its only recording to date.

Songs for Voice and Guitar

Songs for Voice and Guitar

CBS 61126 (UK)
Columbia Odyssey 0398 (US)
Recorded 1969
Released 1969
Producer: Paul Myers
Engineers: Michael Hall, Mark Sutton

With Wilfred Brown, Tenor

  • John Dowland /Thomas Campian: I Care Not For These Ladies
  • Anon (16th century): The Willow Song
  • Philip Rosseter: When Laura Smiles
  • John Dowland: Fantasie No. 7 for solo Guitar [04.07]
  • Benjamin Britten (Trans. Arthur Waley): Songs from the Chinese Op. 58
    The Big Chariot The Book Of Songs [02:02]
    The Old Lute Po Chu-i [02:19]
    The Autumn Wind Wu-ti [01:30]
    The Herd-Boy Lu-Yu [01:22]
    Depression Po Chu-i [01:24]
    Dance Song The Book Of Songs [01:19]

  • John Bartlet / George Gascoigne: Of All The Birds That I Do Know
  • Robert Jones: Go To Bed, Sweet Muse
  • Francis Pilkington / Henry Constable: Diaphenia
  • John Dowland: Melancholy Galliard for solo Guitar
  • John Dowland: My Lady Hundson's Puffe for solo Guitar
  • Stephen Dodgson: Four Poems of John Clare:
    Trotty Wagtail
    The Peasant Poet
    The Fox


The Dowland Fantasie appears on the compilation LP John Williams Collection (1978). It is also the only track on this album to have ever been released on CD, on English Guitar Music (2000).

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