Bream & Williams Live


Julian Bream and John Williams Live - Front Cover

Julian Bream and John Williams  Live - Back Cover

Julian Bream and John Williams Live
RCA 03090 (double LP)

Recorded 15 and 18 October 1978
in Boston and New York respectively
Released 1979 (LP), 1985 (CD)
Producer Peter Dellheim
Engineer: Edwin Begley

John Williams and Julian Bream

  • John Johnson: Pavan and Galliard Tr. Bream
    Pavan [02.01]
    Galliard [01.22]
  • Georg Philipp Telemann: Partie Polonaise For Two Lutes Ed. Bream/Williams
    Ouverture [04.05]
    Harlequinade [01.41]
    Le Ris [01.36]
    Rigidon [01.18]
    Combattants [01.28]
    Gigue [02.08]

  • Fernando Sor: Fantaisie, Op 54 [10.23]
  • Johannes Brahms: Theme and Variations (String Sextet no 1: Andante), Op. 18 Tr. Williams

  • Gabriel Fauré: Dolly Op. 56 Tr. Bream
    Berceuse [03.15]
    Mi-a-ou [01.58]
    Le jardin de Dolly [03.23]
    Kitty - Valse [02.24]
    Tendresse [03.40]
    Le pas espagnol [02.45]

  • Claude Debussy: Reverie Arr. Batchelar [04.40]
  • Claude Debussy: Children's Corner No. 6: Golliwog's Cakewalk Arr. Bream [02.47]
  • Claude Debussy: Clair de lune Tr. Bream/Williams [05.06]
  • Isaac Albéniz: Castilla Arr. Llobet [04.06]
  • Enrique Granados: Danzas espaņolas Op. 37, No. 2: Oriental Arr. Bream/Williams [04.58]

Re-issue Notes:

Within 48 hours of updating this site and claiming that this double LP has never been released on CD, two individuals have separately e-mailed me to correct my information. My thanks to Christian Lefranc from Belgium and regular correspondent (and Discussion Board regular) Bill Darlington.
This album did in fact receive a limited CD release in 1985, although with too much material for a single CD, and not enough to fill two, Oriental (played as an encore at the live concerts) was not included.

Three of the Four LP sides were also used to expand the running time of the CD re-issues of the two studio LPs John Williams and Julian Bream recorded together:
The Fauré, Granados and Albeniz pieces are included on Together,
The Johnson, Telemann and Debussy compositions are included on Together Again.

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