Bream and Williams: Together



RCA SB 6862
Released 1972 (UK)
(from the sleeve notes:
The upper pair of hands are those of Julian Bream,
the lower ones those of John Williams

Julian and John - US Edition

Julian and John
RCA LSC 3257
Released 1972 (US)

Julian and John - Japan Edition

Julian and John
RCA LSC 3257
Released 1972 (Japan)

Together (a.k.a. Julian and John)
Recorded July-August 1971
Producer: James Burnett
Engineer: John W. Bower

John Williams and Julian Bream

  • William Lawes: Suite for Two Guitars Tr. Bream
    Corant 1 [01.25]
    Alman [02.18]
    Corant 2 [01.27]
  • Ferdinando Carulli: Duo in G, Op. 34 Ed. Götze
    Largo [02.57]
    Rondo [03.40]
  • Fernando Sor: L'Encouragement Op. 34
    Cantabile [05.53]
    Theme & Variations [05.00]
    Waltz [03.20]

  • Isaac Albéniz: Cantos de España, Op. 232, no 4, Córdoba Arr. Pujol [06.23]
  • Enrique Granados: Goyescas: Intermezzo Arr. Pujol [04.45]
  • Manuel de Falla: Spanish Dance no 1 La vida breve Arr. Pujol, Ed. Bream [03.35]
  • Maurice Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunte Arr. Bream [06.12]

CD Re-issues:

Together - CD

RCA Gold 61451
Released 1993 (CD)

Includes 3 tracks from 1979 Live:
Fauré: Dolly, Op.65
Granados: Oriental
Albeniz: Castilla

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Together - The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection
RCA Gold 61450
Released 1993 (CD)

CD 2 of this twin-CD set
(budget price) is the
Together CD in its entirety
(CD1 is Together Again)

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Is it just me, or does Julian and John, the title given to the US release, sound particularly effete? (Then again, it could just be connotations brought to mind by "Julian and Sandy", known to British people of a certain age...).

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