Let The Music Take You


Let The Music Take You

Let The Music Take You

CBS 39211 (LP, under licence)
Qnote QNT 10104 (CD)
Released 1983 (LP), 2004 (CD)
Recorded 1983
Producers John Dankworth & Rod Argent
for Newquay Productions

John Williams and Cleo Laine

Rod Argent Keyboards
Kenny Clare Drums
Alec Dankworth Bass
John Mole Bass
John Dankworth Sax & Clarinet
Tristan Fry Percussion
Morris Pert Percussion
Tony Hymas Piano

  • Rod Argent: Baby Don't You Cry No More [03.49]
  • John Lennon: Imagine [03.28]
  • Gregory Rudge: (The World Is) One [03.36]
  • Michael Stewart/Sy Coleman: The Colours of My Life [03.40]
  • Richard Rodney Bennett: I Never Went Away [03.50]
  • Larry Dunlap: Let The Music Take You [03.37]

  • Ewan McColl: The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face [03.46]
  • Alan Clare/Cleo Laine: Dreams of Castilla [04.38]
  • Stanley Myers/Cleo Laine: Without Words (Portrait) [02.59]
  • John Dankworth/Cleo Laine: It's Not Easy (To Say I Love You) [04.00]
  • Larry Dunlap: So Quiet The Night [04.15]
  • S. Mendes/A. & M. Bergman: So Many Stars [04.37]

This is the second album John Williams recorded with Cleo Laine, after Best Friends, six years earlier.

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