Fragments of a Dream


John Williams and his long-time friend, neighbour and counterpart from the world of Flamenco, Paco Peña, enjoyed a musical and personal friendship with Inti-Illimani as a group and its members (in particular leader and composer-in-chief Haracio Salinas) since the Intis were forced into exile to Europe from Chile in the early 1970s.

After many guest appearances by John and Paco during Inti Illimani concerts in Britain throughout the seventies, in 1986 a deliberate move was made to deepen that association by creating and performing new works which allowed John and Paco to integrate fully into the group. Apart from this album including a solo each from John Williams and Paco Peña, both are involved on every track. This is therefore far from a "guest appearance".

John Williams, Paco Peña, Inti-Illimani: Fragments of a Dream

Fragments of a Dream

CBS/Sony 44574
Released 1987
Recorded Rome, March & July-September 1987
Producers: John Williams, Paco Peña, Inti-Illimani
Engineers: Mike Ross-Trevor & Haydn Bendall

Inti Illimani
John Williams
Paco Peña

All compositions by Horacio Salinas except where noted.

  • Danza di cala luna [04.28]
  • El corazón a contraluz [06.31]
  • Cristalino (John Williams solo) [05.14]
  • La preguntona [03.45]
  • El carnaval [06.51]

  • Fragmentos de un sueño [03.51]
  • La ciudad [04.17]
  • El mercado testaccio [04.17]
  • Paco Peña: La calahorra (Paco Peña solo) [04.45]
  • M. Garrido/Moya: En libertad [03.44]
  • Danza [06.20]

This ensemble was to produce another album almost three years later, Leyenda, recorded live during a performance in Germany.

Re-issue Notes:
Danza di cala luna is also included on the compilation CD The World of John Williams (1996).

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