Gowers and Villa-Lobos


Gowers Rhapsody, Villa-Lobos Preludes

CBS M 73350
Recorded Spring 1974
Released 1974

Producer: Paul Myers
Engineers: Mike Ross-Trevor & Roy Emerson

with Patrick Gowers (Rhapsody)

  • Patrick Gowers: Rhapsody for Guitar, Electric Guitars and Electric Organ [25.20]

  • Villa-Lobos: Five Preludes for Guitar
    No. 1 in E Minor: Andantino expressivo [04.16]
    No. 2 in E Minor: Andantino [02.31]
    No. 3 in A Minor: Andante [08.15]
    No. 4 in E Minor: Lento [03.24]
    No. 5 in D Major: Poco animato [02.52]

Re-issue Notes:

LP Compilations/re-issues featuring tracks from this recording:

Gowers' Rhapsody was paired with his Chamber Concerto as John Williams Plays Patrick Gowers (1977).
The Villa-Lobos Preludes were paired with the Scarlatti Sonatas (which accompanied the other Patrick Gowers disc) as Villa-Lobos and Scarlatti (1976), also known as The Golden Guitar of John Williams.
Villa-Lobos Prelude 1 appears on John Williams Collection (1978) and on
Recollections (1979).

CD Compilations featuring tracks from this recording:
The Villa-Lobos Preludes are on Paganini, Scarlatti, Giuliani and Villa-Lobos.
The Gowers Rhapsody has yet to be issued on CD.

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