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John Williams has appeared many times on recordings by other artists or participated in ensemble efforts outside his core repertoire. Recordings have also been issued of some of the benefit concerts at which he has performed as one of many acts. The listing on this page is my own subjective judgment of what constitutes such a "guest appearance", based on a simple criterion: John Williams does not perform on all tracks on a given album. A couple of recordings which meet that definition have, however, been given more prominence and space on this site because I think they're particularly important for one reason or another. John Williams' contributions to film soundtracks are listed on a separate page. (Further to emails received, I need to be more obvious than I expected in pointing out that Sky has a separate site devoted to it; see menu on the left.)

Note: I have deliberately made all links to this page point here rather than to invididual entries, because I want visitors to see the above introduction rather than be baffled by the presentation of these recordings. I apologise for making you scroll down a couple of screens...

Bryn Terfel: Simple Gifts

Bryn Terfel: Simple Gifts
With Bryn Terfel, Bass Baritone
Deutsche Grammophon 477202
Recorded June 2005
Released October 2005

Stanley Myers/Cleo Laine: He Was Beautiful [03.35] (Cavatina with lyrics by Cleo Laine)

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Julian Bream: Testament

Julian Bream: Testament
With Julian Bream, Guitar
BBC/Testament SBT 1333
Recorded Wardour Chapel, 9th January 1985
Released 2005

Franz Schubert: Duo in A
(String Quartet No. 9 in G Minor, D.173)

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(see Together, Together Again and Live for other recordings with Julian Bream)

Bela Fleck: Perpetual Motion

Bela Fleck: Perpetual Motion
With Bela Fleck, Banjo
Sony Classical 89610
Recorded January 2001
Released 2001

Chopin: Mazurka in F sharp Minor [03.40]
Beethoven: Variations on God Save the King [09.08]

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Angelika Kirchschlager: When Night Falls

Angelika Kirchschlager:
When Night Falls

Angelika Kirchschlager, Soprano
Sony Classical 64498
Recorded & Released 1999
Rodgers: Edelweiss [2.06]
Kertsman: Cantiga de Ninar [03.40]
Weber: Lass mich schlummern Herzlein [00.56]
Copland: The Little Horses [02.28]
Falla: Nana [01.43]
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The Prayer Cycle

Jonathan Elias:
The Prayer Cycle

English Chamber Choir
Sony Classical 60569
Recorded 1999
Released 1999

Fifth Movement: Grace [05.54]

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George Martin: In My Life

George Martin: In My Life
MCA 11841
Recorded 1998
Released 1998

Harrison: Here Comes The Sun [03.30]

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George Martin Presents The Medici Quartet

George Martin Presents
The Medici Quartet

Recorded 1995
Released 1995

Martin: Westward Look [03.50]
Martin: Old Boston [05.17]
Martin: New York New York [04.46]

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Nigel Westlake: Onomatopoeia

Nigel Westlake: Onomatopoeia
Tall Poppies TP047
Recorded 1993
Released 1994

Westlake: Tall Tales [08.06]

(With Attaca)

Benjamin Verdery: Some Towns and Cities

Benjamin Verdery: Some Towns and Cities
Benjamin Verdery, Guitar
Newport Classic NDP85519
Recorded 1991
Released 1991

Verdery: Sylacauga, Alabama [03.15]
Verdery: Camden, Maine [02.29]

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Classic Aid

Classic Aid
Concert in Aid of The UNHCR
CBS M42404
Recorded live 30 Sept. 1986
Released 1986

Albéniz: Asturias (Leyenda) [05.42]

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Kate Bush: Hounds of Love

Kate Bush: Hounds of Love
EMI Manhattan 46164
Recorded 1985
Released 1985

Bush: The Morning Fog [02.34]

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Just Guitars

Just Guitars
Concert in Aid of The Samaritans
CBS 25946
Recorded live 18 Dec. 1982
Released 1983

McTell: Song for Martin [03.47]
McTell: Streets of London [03.17]
(Duet with Ralph McTell)

The Secret Policeman's Ball

The Secret Policeman's Ball
Amnesty International Benefit 1979
Island IL 9630
Recorded Live June 1979
Released 1979 (UK)

Myers: Cavatina [03.40]
Bach: Bourrée [03.07]
Townsend: Won't Get Fooled Again [05.39]
(Duet with Pete Townsend)
(Also available on DVD).

The Mermaid Frolics

The Mermaid Frolics
Amnesty International Benefit 1977
Polydor Specials 2384
Recorded Live June 1977
Released 1977 (UK)

Albéniz: Sevilla [04.38]
(Also available on DVD).

The Sly Cormorant

The Sly Cormorant
Update of Aesop's Fables by Brian Patten
Read by Cleo Laine and Brian Patten
Music by Brian Gascoigne
Argo ZSW 607
Released 1977 (UK)

Arnold Schoenberg: Complete Works

Arnold Schoenberg: Complete Works
Decca SXLK 6660-64
Recorded Petersham, October-December 1973

Members of the London Sinfonietta,
David Atherton, cond
ft John Shirley-Quirk (Baritone)

Serenade for Septet and Bass Voice, op. 24

Webern: Complete Works Anton Webern: Complete Works
Sony SM3K 45845
Recorded July 1969

Colin Bradley (Clarinet)
Halina Lukomska (Soprano)

Three Songs for Voice, Clarinet & Guitar:
Schnatzerl Klein [01.02]
Erlosung [01.08]
Ave Regina [01.22]
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Tom Krause recital: Sibelius and Strauss

Tom Krause: Songs by Sibelius and Strauss
With Tom Krause, Tenor
London 5783
Recorded 1963
Released 1963

Jean Sibelius: Kom nu hit, Död! (Come Away, Death!)

I don't own a copy and have never even had one in my hands. The above limited information has been found online.

Jacqueline du Pre Recital A Jacqueline du Pré Recital
With Jacqueline du Pré, Cello
EMI 5659552
Recorded 1963
Released 1963 (UK)
Falla: Jota from Suite Española [03.35]

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Arnold Schoenberg: Serenade

Arnold Schoenberg: Serenade for Septet and Bass Voice, op. 24

L'Oiseau-Lyre OL 250 (Mono)/OLS 250 (Stereo)
Recorded 1962

Melos Ensemble of London, Bruno Maderna, cond
ft John Carol Case (Baritone)

(My thanks to Christian Lefranc for finding this, and the other recording listed above, in the Schoenberg Discography)

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